Monday, May 14, 2012

In the News...Gaia Soda on Treehugger!

We've been getting some great feedback and interest on our project.  Ethical Start-Ups out of London, Sustainable Brands from San Francisco, The Eco-Friendly Family, Your Organic Child, Global Exchange, and Jewish Voice for Peace have all expressed support.  Thank you from Gaia Soda!!!

We've been getting a lot of hits from an article written by Sami Grover for Treehugger.

People seem very interested in the story and we think it's a good one.  For a free market, there aren't a lot of options for home soda machines.  We want to provide another option that will save YOU money in the long run and ends up being a greener option for the environment as well.

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  1. So when you guys say you are going to launch on Kickstarter next week - which week would that be? Your website has said that for some time now. Honestly I'm about ready go give up since I've been coming back week after week looking for an update.